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My Story

Richard was born in London in 1950, he was first introduced to glass at an open day in the research labaroties where his father worked. Fascinated by the medium he applied for anapprenticeship as a scientific glass blower at the age of 16. It was here that he learnt the technical skills to make some very complicated equipment such as vacuum pumps and spiral condensers.

At the age of 20 he became one of the last ‘ten pound poms’ to leave England and immigrate to Australia. Arriving in Sydney in 1970 he began working in a scientific laboratory in Marrickville. It wasn’t long before Richard wanted to extend himself more creatively. So with a couple of colleagues who also wanted to something a little different they formed a new business called Argyle Glass down at the Rocks in 1972.

The trio set up in the old arts and crafts building and commenced to blow glass in front of the public. It proved to be very popular with people crowding eight deep to watch the process. At that time we were making items like dragons, candelabras mushrooms etc. They often worked seven days a week for eight to nine hours a day. After three years of this pace and city life Richard took a well earned holiday in Tasmania. It was then where he found his little piece of paradise in Franklin, returning to Sydney and selling his share of the business he then moved to the property here in Franklin where he still works today.

Richard has always worked with borosilicate glass which up until the last few years only came in clear so he began experimenting making his own colours first on the bench and then building furnaces to make larger amounts it was also at this time that he started making his first perfume bottles, today he says he still loves making them. The designs keep evolving, each piece is unique and like a jewel.